Welcome to Progressive Radio Northwest's home on the Internet. We are a group of radio listeners working to bring strong-signal progressive talk programming back to the free public airwaves of the Greater Puget Sound!

We got together in January 2013 when Seattle became the latest in a string of progressive cities to inexplicably lose its only progressive talk station. Overnight, KPTK AM1090 morphed into the area’s fourth or fifth or sixth all sports radio format. Well, we cry “Foul!”

PRNW is working to:

  • Bring an invigorated progressive radio forum back to the greater Seattle area.
  • Promote progressive programming on the free public airwaves and digital technologies.

We’re exploring several options, from creating a community owned station to taking over an existing frequency. We envision a station that features the inimitable insight and entertainment of Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Norman Goldman and other national names, as well as stellar regional talent and a lively, ongoing discussion of local issues and community concerns. How’s that Tim Eyman initiative onslaught working for you?

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