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We are a group of progressive radio enthusiasts who believe that society benefits when progressive voices are part of the conversation — in our neighborhoods, our region, our country and our world.

But the game is rigged. Even though we all pay to support the free public airwaves, the progressive point of view is getting harder and harder to find on the radio dial. Seattle is a bright blue city in a very progressive region … but our prevailing talk show formats are either far right or to the right of far right. Well, we cry foul!

The good news is that you can be part of the progressive radio revival ...

We're working to bring a dedicated strong-signal progressive station back to the Pacific Northwest and to promote the many excellent progressive programs in the digital universe. Over the past two years, Progressive Radio Northwest (PRNW) has incorporated as a nonprofit with the state of Washington, formed a board, pulled off a successful major rally for progressive radio (featuring Norman Goldman) and sponsored a series of free community forums on progressive media.

We believe, more than ever, that a dedicated progressive talk station will be enthusiastically supported through the Greater Puget Sound. Now we need to back up our beliefs with the numbers. Potential investors, donors and advertisers will want to see thorough market research, a feasibility statement and a knock-out business plan. Producing that is our top priority.

Won’t you join us? Let’s step up and make the dream a reality. With your help we can give area progressives a place to find your voice, express your passion and make a real difference in our society. Because isn’t that what it’s all about?

Please sign up or donate today.

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